Medical doctors and first aid motorcycles getting ready at dawn

Danzhou, (Hainan) International Marathon

The Danzhou International Marathon is a national certified class A silver medal marathon held by the China Track and Field Association. About 13,000 participants from 18 countries and regions came together at Danzhou, the millennium old county, to participate in this marathon.


The Danzhou International Marathon is well known for its high safety, medical care and rescue measures, with five consecutive years of zero accidents. A medical station was setup at every 5 km, multiple ambulances patrolling, and medical teams from 3 hospitals were there ready to provide any medical assistance to the participants. This is the first time where the organizing committee equipped our Primedic AEDs to strengthen first aid medical services for this international marathon event.


Medical doctors were equipped with our AEDs as they patrolled the entire section of the marathon course on motorcycles getting ready to provide emergency medical assistance when need arise

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