This is precisely what the HeartSave 6 delivers

Membrane keyboard

For navigating the set-up menu and saving user settings.


Using the AED is simple and intuitive thanks to clear voice prompts (language package in 3 languages can be selected via the set-up menu) and frequency values throughout the entire defibrillation process.

Connector socket

Connector socket for adhesive electrodes (SavePads), optionally with 3-core ECG cable for cost-effective monitoring

Status display

Active status display provides comprehensive information on the device‘s operating status (regular self-tests).

Connection for SpO2 measurement cable

In addition to the features of the HeartSave 6, the HeartSave 6s also has an SpO2 measurement feature.

Shock Button

Once the device has been cleared for use, defibrillation is triggered by pressing the shock button.

Set-up menu

Configuration in set-up menu, choice of instructions in 3 languages, switch to manual mode

Charging button

For charging in manual mode

Battery compartment and access to SaveCard

Easy release to replace battery (6-year battery) and access to SaveCard. The device automatically stores all data and ambient noise (captured by a microphone) on a removable SaveCard.


Pediatric defibrillation according Metrax GmbH pediatric ECG database