Are you interested in the topic of defibrillators? Then you have come to the right place. We would like to give you an overview of the basics of sudden cardiac death or defibrillation. Furthermore, we would like to show you what is important when buying a defibrillator and why you should not only look at the price.

What is an AED?

What do you actually need an AED for and what does it do? This is exactly the information we would like to give you in this article.

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Buying a defibrillator - what to look out for

You want to buy an AED or a defibrillator? We show you what to look out for and which criteria have to be fulfilled

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Follow-up costs of an AED

When buying an AED, the price is often the decisive factor. This is what we would like to prevent and educate you about.

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Questions and answers

Here you will find an overview of questions & answers about Primedic, products, accessories and service.

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