The consumables of our defibrillators include the electrodes (SavePads) and the energy modules (batteries and accumulators). The electrodes need to be replaced either when they reach their expiry date, or after actual use on the patient. The batteries have been designed to last for many years and can power your defibrillator for many years in standby mode. Of course, since our batteries have enough capacity for several real-world uses, they do not need to be replaced after each use. As part of its daily self-tests, your defibrillator also checks the battery. If its capacity is about to be exhausted, the defibrillator will inform you and ask you to replace the battery.

The AkuPak have a lifespan of 4 years and are designed for regular use. Unlike batteries, however, they require considerably more attention, as accumulators need to be charged and discharged regularly. Their standby time and capacity are also significantly lower compared to batteries. In areas of application with regularly very long and intensive use, on the other hand, they can fully exploit their economic advantages

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