HeartSave Y | YA

  • Semi-automated External Defibrillator (HeartSave Y)
  • Fully-automated External Defibrillator (HeartSave YA)
  • battery lifetime: up to 5 years / 150 shocks
  • electrode shelf life: up to 36 months, preconnected
  • child mode and child button
  • adaptive volume adjustment
  • metronome
  • up to 4 languages
  • daily self test
  • 6 years warranty

Adaptive user guidance of the AED, which can adapt to the user's working speed to optimize the CPR procedure.   ERC-2021-compliant of course, all new AEDs of the HeartSave series work according to the specifications of the current ERC-2021 guidelines.

Child button for children's defibrillation with adapted energy levels even without special children's electrodes.

  Sustainability and minimal follow-up costs due to durable and inexpensive consumables.
Escalating energy levels up to 360 J for improved efficacy even with multiple defibrillations that may be required.   Documentation of each operation - ECG, events, key actuations, measured values, technical data.
Biphasic energy delivery with thoracic impedance measurement for safe and effective defibrillation.   Daily self-test with permanent status display for functional readiness, battery status, electrodes.



Here's what our AED experts say about the HeartSave Y:


"The HeartSave Y is an ideal all-rounder for every first-aider and lay user.

Its intuitive operation, concise voice prompts, and safe and fast shock delivery make it perfect for corporate, industrial, and public settings."


Are you interested in this AED?


The HeartSave Y is the ideal AED for every first responder and lay user. Short and concise voice instructions support you safely throughout CPR, supported by a metronome. The device decides completely independently whether a life-saving shock is required or not. This is only enabled by the device if it is really necessary. As a user, you are therefore always on the safe side that no shock can be accidentally triggered.


The HeartSave YA is the ideal choice for hesitant or unsure users. It delivers the shock to the patient independently and fully automatically, without the first aider having to trigger the defibrillation himself. This ensures that the life-saving energy is administered safely and reliably. 
The HeartSave YA  can play to its strengths, particularly in public areas, where first-aid measures are usually carried out by lay helpers.


In a pediatric emergency, you don't need special pediatric pads because the HeartSave Y | YA switches to a kid's mode with a single button press.


The language instructions can be switched between up to four languages during operation using the language selection button. In areas with users of different nationalities - industry, airports, public institutions - the chance that the HeartSave Y | YA can be safely understood and applied.


In order to be available safely and reliably at all times, the HeartSave Y | YA carries out a comprehensive self-test every day. Here the technical condition of the AED is checked, the remaining capacity of the battery and the durability of the electrodes. Readiness is indicated by a clearly visible and intuitively understandable  'OK' displayed on the device.



Reliably ready for use. At any time.


In medical emergencies, every second counts. With the HeartSave Y you have the security that your AED is always reliably ready for use when you need it. The extensive daily self-test checks the technical condition of the device, the remaining battery capacity and the durability of the electrodes. You can always rely on them being able to act quickly and effectively in an emergency.



Semi-automated operation - Fully automated operation


The HeartSave Y is a so-called semi-automated defibrillator. As soon as the respective AED detects a cardiac rhythm in the patient that requires defibrillation, the first responder delivers the shock at the touch of a button.


The HeartSave YA is a fully automated defibrillator that triggers a shock completely independently if it is necessary. This variant is particularly advantageous for unsure or hesitant first aiders, since the shock - if necessary - is also safely delivered to the person concerned.



One world - many languages


An AED can only assist a first responder if they understand it.

We want as many people as possible to be able to safely and reliably understand the voice instructions from our AEDs to ensure a successful first aid response. That's why we've been equipping our AEDs with a practical language selection button for many years, with which you can quickly and easily change the spoken instructions of the device between up to four different languages during operation. This has proven itself wherever people of different nationalities come together, such as at airports or in public facilities.



technical data

  • Automatic activation of the AED when the device cover is opened for the fastest possible commissioning
  • Battery life: up to 5 years / 150 shocks
  • Shelf life of electrodes: up to 36 months
  • Pre-connected electrodes for the fastest possible care of the affected person
  • Child mode at the touch of a button - so there are none in an emergency special children's electrodes required
  • Voice instructions in one, two or four languages
  • Metronome for correct pressure rate during chest compressions, um to support the user
  • Automatic daily self-tests with status display for function, battery , electrodes
  • automatic adjustment of the delivered energy to each patient with escalating energy delivery up to 360 J in case multiple defibrillations are necessary
  • Automatic volume adjustment of voice instructions to the respective environment
  • Internal storage of mission data, export via USB
  • Delivery incl. emergency set (gloves, breathing cloth, disposable razors, clothes scissors) for personal protection
  • Protected against dust and splash water (IP 55)
  • Weight only about 2.5 kg
  • 6 year warranty from the factory


documents / downloads


brochure HeartSave Y | YA EN
handout HeartSave Y | YA EN
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handout HeartSave YA EN
  language packages HeartSave Y | YA EN
trainer HeartSave Y | YA EN
spare parts HeartSave Y | YA EN



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Are HeartSave Y | YA the new AEDs of the HeartSave series?

With the HeartSave Y | YA we are continuing our well-known and proven HeartSave series. They represent the most up-to-date series of devices.

Are HeartSave Y | YA already available?

Both HeartSave Y and HeartSave YA are available. Usually straight from the warehouse in Rottweil.

What's new with the HeartSave Y | YA?

HeartSave Y | YA have all the well-known and proven functions of the HeartSave series.
We have continuously improved these in recent years and further optimized them for patients and users.
The AEDs are ready for defibrillation even faster (analysis to shock delivery 200 J in less than 5 seconds), adapt even better to the first responder and the situation thanks to an adaptive volume control, and can be configured even more individually to the requirements of the operator .
True to the motto: 'It's not any AED - it's your AED.'
Last but not least, the design has become a bit more modern.

Does the HeartSave Y | YA work according to the current ERC-2021 guidelines?

Both HeartSave Y and HeartSave YA work according to the current ERC-2021 guidelines.

What is the meaning of 'Y' or 'YA'?

The 'Y' is a tribute to Yuwell, our parent company. The suffix 'A' stands for 'automated' and denotes the fully automated mode of operation of this AED.

Are there two device types?

There is the HeartSave Y and the HeartSave YA. Since both devices offer largely identical features and functions, we will refer to both devices together as HeartSave Y | YA for the sake of simplicity.

What are the differences between the HeartSave Y and the HeartSave YA?

The HeartSave Y works semi-automated, while the HeartSave YA offers a fully automated process.

Is for the HeartSave Y | YA a training device available?

Yes, of course there is also a training device and training electrodes. As usual, there are various application scenarios on the training device, and the process can also be completely individually controlled with a remote control.

Will the previous HeartSave series (HeartSave PAD / AED / AS / AED-M) be continued?

Yes, we will continue to produce the previous HeartSave series. Both series will continue to be manufactured in parallel for a while.

Are battery and electrodes for the HeartSave Y | YA compatible with those of the previous HeartSave series?

Unfortunately, no. In the course of further technical development, the design of the battery and electrode connector has been adapted and they are not compatible with the other devices in the HeartSave series.

Are there again separate children's electrodes for the HeartSave Y | YA?

No. Thanks to the children's button, which has been standard in our AEDs for many years, separate children's electrodes have been required less and less by customers.
HeartSave Y | YA will use a type of electrode that is equally suitable for adults and children. Switching to child mode is done in the tried and tested way using the child button on the AED.
This reduces the follow-up costs and avoids unnecessary consumables.

How long do batteries and electrodes last?

The battery is designed for a service life of up to 5 years, the durability of the electrodes is up to 36 months.

Can HeartSave Y | YA deliver 360 J as maximum shock energy again?

Like all AEDs in the HeartSave series, the HeartSave Y | YA deliver up to 360J of biphasic energy.

Do the energy levels also automatically increase again?

Of course. HeartSave Y | YA work with so-called 'escalating energy levels'.
In addition, the individual energy levels can be individually configured for special applications.

Which languages or language packs are available for the HeartSave Y | YA available?

A list of all available languages can be found here at the top of the page. There you can also download a table as a PDF file.
There are currently 15 languages available, which are also offered as language packages in combinations that make sense regionally.
We plan to add additional languages and language packs in the future.

How long is the guarantee period for the HeartSave Y | YA?

The HeartSave Y | YA has a 6 year warranty ex works.

Is the HeartSave Y | YA 'Made in Germany', like the other AEDs in the HeartSave series?

The HeartSave Y | YA was developed by us in Germany, but is currently not manufactured here at Metrax in Rottweil.

Who is the manufacturer of the HeartSave Y | YA?

Concept, design and development come from the development department of Metrax GmbH in Rottweil.
HeartSave Y | YA are currently manufactured from a company of our parent company Yuwell, the Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment & Supply Co. in Danyang, China.