Battery 3

Lithium battery, non-rechargeable, 15VDC / 4,2Ah / 63Wh
up to 3 years standby

Suitable with HeartSave PAD

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The service life of the battery is normally up to 3 years, provided that the following conditions are met: The battery is inserted into the device, the device is only ever in standby mode and is not used, just the regular self-tests recommended by Metrax are carried out, and the ambient temperature is consistently 23 degrees Celsius (± 2 degrees Celsius). Storing the device outdoors significantly reduces the service life of the battery. Since a wide variety of factors can influence the service life of the battery, Metrax accepts no liability for the service life of the battery.
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How often do I have to change the battery?

The service life of long-life batteries depends on various factors. In general, Battery-3 (for the HeartSavePAD) is designed to last up to 3 years, Battery-6 (for HeartSaveAED/AS/AED-M/6/6S) up to 6 years.
Use in the field, adverse environmental conditions and other influences may shorten this expected service life.

As long as the battery is installed in your AED, the device can perform an automatic daily self-test. The remaining capacity of the battery is also evaluated. When it is nearing its end, your AED will alert you with some advance notice.

Can I save power by not inserting the battery into the AED until just before use?

The battery permanently powers your AED so that it is in a permanent standby mode. In standby mode, the AED performs a daily self-test. This involves both checking the technical condition of the AED as well as assessing the remaining battery capacity. This ensures that your AED is always safe and ready for use.

If the self-test detects a technical error or low battery, the AED alerts you in its status display so you can take corrective action as soon as possible. Of course, this only works if the battery is also inserted in the AED. If you do not insert the battery into the AED until an emergency is actually taking place, the AED may fail due to an undetected fault or a dead battery.

And surely, you wouldn’t want to take that risk, would you?

I would like to order a battery, who do I turn to?

To order a battery please fill our contact form

What information do I need to order a battery?

The serial number enables unambiguous identification of your device, and the risk of incorrect orders can thus be avoided.

Where can I find the SN of my device?

Each AED of the HeartSave series has a type plate on the back of the device, which states the device type, the serial number of the AED as well as the production date.

How can a battery be disposed of?

You can take our energy modules to your local waste disposal service or recycling centre and have them disposed of professionally. This is free of charge for you.

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