Questions & Answers

Where can I find the SN of my device?

Typenschild NEU

Each AED of the HeartSave series has a type plate on the back of the device, which states the device type, the serial number of the AED as well as the production date.

How can a battery be disposed of?

You can take our energy modules to your local waste disposal service or recycling centre and have them disposed of professionally. This is free of charge for you.

What is the best way to disposed of SavePads?

There are no special requirements regarding disposal of the electrodes of our defibrillators/AEDs – the 'SavePads'. You can simply dispose of them with your normal household waste.

Who do I contact if my device has a defect and needs to be repaired?

Repairs on your AED are performed by our technical service department. Please fill out our maintenance form.

Do you also offer an on-site repair service?

Maintenance and repair of your device is carried out by our service technicians at our company headquarters in Rottweil.
If you need a rental replacement device during this time, we can gladly organise this through our service.

How should an AED be stored?

In simple terms, dry and at room temperature.

For more detailed information on storage, transport and operating conditions, refer to the operating instructions of your AED.
For the HeartSave series AEDs, the following storage conditions apply:

  • -20 °C … +50 °C
  • 15…95% rel. humidity, non-condensing
  • 620 … 1060 hPa