DefiMonitor XD

The DefiMonitor XD combines a compact and proven design with an intuitive operating concept into a multifunctional solution for emergencies. The specially developed mounting and charging concept enables the DefiMonitor XD to be used in a wide range of applications - in the practice, in the clinic, in emergency medicine. Its simple handling makes it the ideal companion for professional users all over the world, even in extreme situations.

  • manuel defibrillation
  • SpO2
  • external pacemaker
  • 6 - Lead ECG
  • AED-Mode
  • Printer

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All advantages at a glance

  • manual mode

    with energy selection and synchronous defibrillation / cardioversion (manual switching) up to 360 joules (biphasic)

  • 6-lead ECG

    with free selection of derivations (Abl. I, II, III, aVE, aVL, aVF) and synchronous display of two curves on the monitor

  • Printer

    for automatic / manual printout of curves, values, events

  • illuminated monitor

    For displaying two ECG curves, vital signs, alarm limits, duration of use, energy levels, mode, pacer, number of shocks

  • Pacemaker

    External tranthorocal pacemaker for use with multifunction electrodes

  • Pulse oximetry

    SpO2 measurement via finger sensor with Nellcor technology

Technische Daten

  • Defibrillator / Monitor with illuminated LCD-monitor,
  • 95 x 72 mm (5,7")
  • Hardpaddles for adult and pediatric (pediatric size integrated), alternatively the use of adhesive pads / multifunction electrodes (SavePads Connect) possible
  • 6-lead-ECG with free choice of leads (I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF) and synchronous display of two curves on the monitor
  • Alarm limits (adjustable) for monitoring
  • Energy up to 360 J (biphasic)
  • Energy levels: 2-5-7-10-20-30-50-70-100-150-200-250-300-360 Joule
  • Direct and synchronous (cardioversion) energy delivery
  • External, transthoracic pacemaker
  • Integrated printer for the documentation of curves, vital signs, events; manual and automatic printing


  • SpO2-measurement with Nellcor technology
  • Metronome for the correct pressure frequency during CPR in AED mode
  • Automated adjustment of the energy delivered to each patient with escalating energy delivery up to 360 J in the event of multiple defibrillation (in AED-mode)
  • Automatic daily self-tests with status display for function and battery
  • Documentation of the application data on a removable memory card
  • LiFePO4- battery with up to 5 h monitoring or 95 shocks at 360 J / alternatively mains operation possible
  • Weight only ca. 5,3 kg (without battery)
  • Made in Germany

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