Questions & Answers

I would like to send in my device for a STC, who do I turn to?

The TSC of your AED is performed by our technical service department. Please fill out our maintenance form.

I would like to carry out an update to the latest ERC guidelines for my AED. Who do I need to contact?

Software and/or guideline updates on your AED are performed by our technical service department. Please fill out our maintenance form.

Where can I find the SN of my device?

Typenschild NEU

Each AED of the HeartSave series has a type plate on the back of the device, which states the device type, the serial number of the AED as well as the production date.

Is there a STC requirement if my AED is placed in a public space?

The Medical Devices Operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV) has stipulated since 1/1/2017 that AEDs, among other things, must be subjected to a regular TSC (technical safety check). The maximum interval is set at 24 months. Deviations from this are only possible in justified exceptional cases.

A so-called 'STC exemption' can only be issued by the operator of an AED on their own responsibility. For this purpose, a documented and regular risk assessment is necessary for the respective AED, which must consider numerous aspects. The corresponding specifications for this can be found in the Medical Devices Operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV).

If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to advise you.

Am I still required to have a STC performed on my AEDs if I bought them before 2017? At that time the description said something about 'STC-exempt'...?

The Medical Devices Operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV) in its current version defines neither transition periods nor grandfathering for AEDs sold with the indication of a possible STC exemption. This means that, since 1/1/2017, the STC requirement applies equally to all AEDs, including those already in use.

Do you also offer an on-site repair service?

Maintenance and repair of your device is carried out by our service technicians at our company headquarters in Rottweil. If you need a rental replacement device during this time, we can gladly organise this through our service.

Do your AEDs operate according to the current guidelines?

Currently – due to COVID-19 – the ERC-2015 guidelines are still valid.
It goes without saying that our AEDs operate according to the specifications of the ERC-2015 guidelines and comply with them in full.

What happens when the new guidelines are published?

When new guidelines are published, we will adjust the algorithm of our AEDs accordingly, if necessary. All newly manufactured AEDs will then be delivered in accordance with the new guidelines.

Is there a matching guideline update for my (older version) AED then?

In recent years, we have always been able to offer a suitable update for our older AEDs as well. So chances are high that your AED will also get an update to the new guidelines. For this purpose, our service department will be pleased to check your existing hardware and software with regard to an update option.

How is a guideline update performed?

For this purpose, please fill in the maintenance request form.