HeartSave AED

The HeartSave AED is a true all-round talent and is ideally suited for almost any application. It has a powerful battery that keeps it operational for up to 6 years. So even after years, you can always be sure that your AED will work reliably in an emergency and has enough power reserves.

In addition, the HeartSave AED offers you a language selection button with which the voice instructions can be changed between four languages during operation. Especially in areas where users of different nationalities are encountered, the HeartSave AED can thus be understood and used safely by the largest possible number of people.

  • semi-automatic operation
  • Battery 6 - up to 6 years standby
  • Electrodes - 36 months shelf life
  • pediatric mode & pediatric button
  • voice prompts in four languages
  • daily selftest

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All advantages at a glance

  • Pediatric mode

    pediatric mode by pressing a button - so no special pediatric electrodes are required in an emergency

  • Battery

    The HeartSave series has a powerful battery that keeps the units operational for up to 6 years and can deliver up to 200 shocks.

  • escalating energy levels

    up to 360 Joule for optimal effect even if multiple defibrillation is necessary

  • intuitive user guidance

    the AED adapts automatically to the user's speed for optimizing the CPR flow

  • pre-connected electrodes

    pre-connected electrodes for the fastest possible care of the affected person

  • Documentation

    Documentation of each operation on a memory card (events with time stamp, measured values, ECG)

Technical data

  • device turns on automatically as soon as the cover has been removed
  • lifespan battery: up to 6 years / 200 shocks
  • shelf life SavePads: minimum 36 months
  • pre-connected electrodes for the fastest possible care of the affected person
  • pediatric mode by pressing a button - so no special pediatric electrodes are required in an emergency
  • voice prompts in four languages - a range of 40 different languages is available
  • CPR guidance even during charging phase to ensure optimal patient care and minimize no-flow time
  • metronome to assist the user at the compression rate during chest compressions


  • stepless adjustment of the delivered energy to each patient with escalating energy levels up to 360 J in case of possibly necessary multiple defibrillation
  • automatic daily self-tests with status display for function and battery
  • storage of event data on a removable memory card
  • SavePads PreConnect Set (gloves, breathing cloth, disposable razor, scissors) for personal protection
  • dust- and splash-proof (IP 55)
  • weight approximately 2,5 kg
  • Made in Germany


What does the abbreviation AED stand for?

The abbreviation 'AED' stands for Automated External Defibrillator.

How many electrodes are included in one package?

One pair of electrodes is included in each package of SavePads.

Where can I find the SN of my device?

Each AED of the HeartSave series has a type plate on the back of the device, which states the device type, the serial number of the AED as well as the production date.

How long is the warranty period for the AED?

Depending on the type of device, there is a manufacturer's warranty of 2 or 6 years. For most devices, this warranty can also be optionally extended to 10 years.

Can anyone buy an AED?

There are no legal restrictions on the purchase of an AED. Any natural or legal person can purchase an AED in Germany. The regulations of the Medical Devices Operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV) apply to the operation of an AED.

What is the maximum energy your AEDs can deliver?

All AEDs in the HeartSave series can deliver biphasic energies of up to 360 Joule.

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