No compromises in emergencies

Professional rescue forces rely on quality, because they have to be able to rely on their equipment. Designed for use by emergency doctors and rescue services, the defibrillator combines equipment with the greatest possible reliability. So that no valuable time is lost during the operation, because in case of doubt, seconds are decisive.

Which product is right for me?

Products for professionals

DefiMonitor XD

  • manual defibrillation
  • 6-channel ECG
  • AED-Mode
  • external pacemaker
  • SpO2
  • Printer
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HeartSave AED-M

  • semi-automatic operation
  • illuminated monitor
  • Battery 6 - up to 6 years standby
  • Electrodes - 36 months shelf life
  • Pediatricmode & Pediatricbutton
  • Metronome
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Saves lives - Mobile use - Fast

The DefiMonitorXD combines a compact and proven design with an intuitive operating concept into a multifunctional solution for emergencies. Mature and safe technology, simple operation, high quality and absolute reliability even under extreme conditions - these are just some of the many distinctive features of our DefiMonitor series.


Mature and safe technology, straightforward operation, high quality and absolute reliability under strange conditions: these are just a few of the many distinctive features of our PRIMEDIC defibrillators. First responders and professionals worldwide rely on the performance and reliability of our products every day.

Easy operation. easy maintenance

Reliability is PRIMEDIC's top priority. Safety aspects such as clear operation, routine self-tests, jet water protection and special robustness characterise our defibrillators.

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