HeartSave AED M


HeartSave AED-M

Professional defibrillators for emergency medicine.
Reliable: always, everywhere.

When every mi­nu­te counts, PRI­ME­DIC de­fi­bril­la­tors can help
hearts stop mis­sing ano­ther beat. Ever­yw­he­re.
What mat­ters is that they can be used quick­ly. Every time.



In addition to the advantages of the AED, the AED-M is equipped with a monitor for displaying action time, ECG curve, heart rate, detected VF as well defibrillations generated and BLS instructions. The high-resolution monitor ensures that the device can also be used under difficult conditions.



A separate ECG cable and standard ECG electrodes can also be used to provide cost-effective monitoring.


  • Voice prompts in 4 languages
  • Freely selectable language packs
  • 6 year lithium battery (stand-by)
  • Compact flash card