Our re­la­ti­ons­hip with you doesn't end after you have purcha­sed a PRI­ME­DIC pro­duct! We also offer a com­pre­hen­si­ve tech­ni­cal ser­vice pa­cka­ge.


Our tech­ni­cal ser­vice staff are on hand to an­s­wer any tech­ni­cal ques­ti­ons that you may have re­gar­ding your PRI­ME­DIC pro­ducts, to carry out tech­ni­cal safe­ty checks on your PRI­ME­DIC pro­ducts and to as­sist you with any pro­blems that you may have with your PRI­ME­DIC pro­ducts.


So that we can help you as quick­ly as pos­si­ble, plea­se fill in the con­tact form and send it by email to or by fax to +49 (0)741 257 288. This form will be sub­mit­ted to a mem­ber of our ser­vice staff, who will as­sess it and get in touch with you. You can also con­tact our ser­vice tech­ni­ci­ans di­rect­ly.