SavePads Mini

Self-adhesive multifunctional electrodes (1 pair) for children for defibrillation, pacing, monitoring, cardioversion, with large plug (plug and cable in packaging)
shelf life: minimum 12 months

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When these pads are inserted in the defibrillator, the defibrillator starts or switches directly to pediatric mode. The SavePads Mini are compatible with the following devices: - HeartSave series AEDs with pediatric button. - DefiMonitor XD as of August 2021
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What information do I need to order SavePads?

The HeartSave series has undergone several technical advancements over the years. The consumables were also adapted to the new requirements.

In order for us to be able to supply you with the right accessories for your device, we need the following information from you:

- Device type (e.g. 'HeartSavePAD')
- Serial number of the device

The serial number enables unambiguous identification of your device, and the risk of incorrect orders can thus be avoided.

Where can I find the SN of my device?

Each AED of the HeartSave series has a type plate on the back of the device, which states the device type, the serial number of the AED as well as the production date.

What is the best way to disposed of SavePads?

There are no special requirements regarding disposal of the electrodes of our defibrillators/AEDs – the 'SavePads'. You can simply dispose of them with your normal household waste.

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